Easy Installation

Easy To Install
The H2Oral Irrigator only takes a few steps to install onto your bathroom showerhead.
Each Pre-assembled Unit Includes
1 Showerhead Adapter 1 Wall Hanger
1 60" PVC Tubing 4 Personal Picks (Assorted Colors)
1 Handle Assembly  
Important Notes:
When tightening the Adapter to the showerhead, hang the tubing straight down to prevent kinks.
Place a layer of Teflon tape on the male threads of the shower pipe and the Adapter to help seal the threads and prevent leaks.
Installation: Step 1Step 1
Remove showerhead from shower pipe.
Installation: Step 2 Step 2
Thread Adapter onto shower pipe being careful not to strip threads.

Installation: Step 3Step 3
Reinstall showerhead onto Adapter.
Installation: Step 4Step 4
Clean surface with alcohol then, peel tape and attach Wall Hanger.