Oral Health

Oral irrigation is the best alternative for patients who can’t or won’t use string floss effectively. H2Oral Irrigator
Ideal for patients with
braces, bridgework and deep pockets.
The H2Oral Irrigator is also recommended for elderly patients who no longer have the dexterity to use string floss.
Using the H2Oral Irrigator in the shower eliminates many of the unpleasant issues often associated with oral irrigation.

Advantages over countertop models:

One time installation (No setup/storage between uses). Fully adjustable pressure and temperature.
No mess on the mirror.
Less expensive to purchase.
No lost counter space. More convenient to use.
The Problem
Despite good brushing and flossing habits, food particles and bacteria can accumulate in pockets below the gum line and around dental work such as braces, bridges and crowns. Left untreated, this can lead to gingivitis (inflammation, excessive bleeding and bone loss).
The Solution
The H2Oral Irrigator® effectively directs water flow into hard to reach areas, disrupting and flushing away bacteria and food particles from areas where brushing and conventional flossing methods may be awkward and less effective.

Unique features of the H2Oral Irrigator
Each unit comes completely preassembled.
Our Adapter design allows for uninterrupted water flow to the showerhead while the unit is in use. Our On/Off Flow Control Valve is conveniently located in the handle (not the adapter) for easy access. Not everyone who needs an irrigator is tall enough to reach the showerhead. The control valve gives the user precise even control of the water flow from a single drop to full pressure. There's a setting to suit even the most sensitive teeth and gums.

Single Irrigator Blue Pick

Each Pre-assembled Unit Includes:
1 Showerhead Adapter
1 60" PVC Tubing
1 Handle Assembly
1 Wall Hanger
(4) Personal Picks
(Assorted Colors)